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Fire Magic Magnum Gas Grill

Fire Magic Magnum Gas Grill

Model Number: MSD005

The multitude of features makes it difficult to start. Not listed above is the teardrop style hood, tightly integrated into the body to exclude the elements from the cooking grill and drip tray. Inside are three cast stainless steel burners, each with independent controls and surrounded by heat separators to govern distinct temperatures for different items. The rotisserie is also given an independently controlled burner, along with a high-torque motor, spit rod and forks, and a counter balance. Folding up a completely flush panel on the left side shelf reveals a side burner for some quick sautes.

The all around stainless steel design is specially fused to limit the amount of grease and moisture build up that often causes unnecessary wear. It is a grill, so you'll have to clean it; but with proper maintenance you'll do little more than a quick once over using a paper towel found just below the shelf. This grill is available in both natural gas and propane models.

List Price: $5,999.99
Sale Price: $4,699.99

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